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We're still moving full steam ahead towards the opening. Unfortunately, further construction delays and the holidays stole more time from us. We're hoping that everything goes well with the inspections with mall management.

The space is really looking great. We'll post some photos soon!



We are 80% built out!
The equipment is being delivered on Monday.
The rest of the fixtures will be installed over the next two weeks.
The inspections will follow and then we'll open the doors.

Class registration has already begun for kids and adults. Check out the classes we have coming up in January.

Thanks for all of your support!



Hi Everyone,
Several of you have been reaching out to us trying to figure out what happened to the cooking classes that were online less than a week ago.

Unfortunately, we've shut down the class registration temporarily until we know DEFINITELY when the doors will open because two Monday's ago, our equipment vendor called with the news he'd made a huge error, and now, we are staring down a 3-5 week delay. Ouch.

We understand your excitement and your frustration to get out and do something new, but I promise you no one is more disappointed than I am to be delayed once again. I've been at this since April and it's been riddled with stops and starts almost every month. According to my original plans, I should've been open September 15.

But I can't go back.

It is unfortunately, the nature of the beast. For anyone whose ever built or remodeled their home, you feel my pain.

That's ok. An old boss of mine used to say, the only way to get past it is to go through it.

So onward!

I sat down with Doug, my executive chef, today and we packed the January schedule with even more interesting classes than the December schedule. We have Barton Seaver once a week! Brad Race from Mini Bar is teaching kids classes! We have the Etiquette School of Virginia teaching us about the Art of Mingling and Dining Savvy.

Chef Gretchen Gates is going to show us how to cook for health by keeping all the bad stuff out of our food: sugar, white flour, preservatives. She's also going to show you how to sneak veggies in your kid's food, a la Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook, Deceptively Delicious, but Gretchen goes one step further to teach us about "superfoods" : how to cook them and how to get your whole family eating well. Gretchen owned a catering company in Arizona, and through a series of interesting twists began helping people manage their Fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis through their diet. She has seen amazing results with very simple changes.

Doug is tackling our I Hate To Cook! skills class series, for all of you who would like to enjoy cooking but don't, we'll fix that. He's also offering an amazing bread class, Asian inspired cuisine classes and wine tastings. Doug is an internationally trained chef, whose patient enthusiasm will not intimidate you. He's a masterful chef and a very nice guy.

Chef Tabetha Martinez is hosting couples nights with her personal trainer husband. Bring your significant other, and they will show you how to get dinner on the table in record time by splitting tasks, working together and at the same time eating good, healthy food.

We're hoping army chef and now personal chef, Chris Morse, swings by to teach the men's cooking class, "MAKE. EAT!" Hoo haa. No ladies allowed. We promise not to make you wear an apron unless you want one and if you want to bring your own knives, that's cool.

There's singles night, of course.

Then there's FAMILY NIGHT! Imagine this...you and your husband/partner or best friend, take your kids to Cookology. The adults spend the night making braised Moroccan chicken with parmesan polenta and wilted spinach and finish with creme brulee, all in the professional kitchen. And the kids, with one of our kid's instructors in the kid's kitchen, make wheat pizza dough, pizza sauce from scratch and top it off with veggies, meats and a variety of cheeses. Don't forget the parfait sundaes for dessert! Then miracle of miracles everyone sits down to eat together! How fun is that going to be?

In January, we will have 80 unique kid's cooking classes all taught by chef/school teachers.

Alas, I am forever hopeful that we will, by some miracle, open the doors by December, but if not there's always January! Hang in there my new friends, we have so much to share with you.
The best,
Maria Kopsidas



Hey Everyone, I'm so sorry I've been MIA for so long. We hit a few snags the moment I signed the lease: bottom-feeding construction guys and other dishonest folk, but things have happily worked themselves out and now we're moving quickly.

Last week, we broke ground. Here's a pic of my general contractor from Restaurant Design & Construction, Jim Juliano (far left) and Greg Juliano (far right). Jane Miller, second from right, is the Mall's Tenant Coordinator. She's been a big fan of Cookology from the start and has done nothing but help me push the build-out along. And that's me, second from left, the frazzled yet joyful owner. Behind us is Cookology. In a few weeks we'll have walls and equipment and lots of great kitchenware.

We're looking at a December opening and will begin class registration mid-November. If you're part of our mailing list, you will get a pre-reservation heads-up a week before everyone else on when and how to register online. The response to our "Coming Soon" sign at the Mall has been overwhelming and so far we have over 500 people on our mailing list. To be one of the first to sign up you and your kids for classes in December, January and February, join our mailing list at cookologyonline.com

Come meet us!

Come out to meet me at the Great Kids Expo in Chantilly, Va. I'll be passing out membership cards and offering discounts to upcoming classes for kids and adults. Plus we'll have gift certificates you can purchase for friends and family for the holidays. I'll be joined by my kid's class coordinator, Anna Reeves. Anna is an elementary school teacher and owner of an amazing kid's chef company, Tiny Chefs. She'll be responsible for making sure your kids are entertained, informed and taken care of during classes.

Our executive chef Doug Singer has lined up some amazing chefs for our adult cooking classes in December including former executive chefs and sommeliers from some of DC's top restaurants. (I can't wait to take my own classes!)

On this blog, I'll keep you up to date on the construction. The newsletter will give you specifics on classes, demos and our upcoming product lines. Join us!

Thanks for your patience.
The best,


Cool, New Kitchen Gear

I'm a Gizmodo blog fan. (I only read it so people will think I'm cool, which is very important to me.) Gizmodo blogs about the latest tech gadgets on the market and occasionally, they showcase new or concept kitchen appliances, utensils and kitchenware.

Gizmodo, in their typical irreverent way, panned the appliance at the top, but I think it's rather useful for a small kitchen, and is efficiently paired, especially if you drink tea, Chai or instant coffee and love toast or tartines in the morning. You could pop in crumpets and heat the water for tea at tea time if you're British. Perhaps you could put it in your cube at Gizmodo to heat up hot chocolate or reheat that morning's Starbucks and toast pop tarts. This is refined cubicle hardware. We're definitely carrying this at Cookology.

Attention Bakers and persnickety cooks! The spoon scale is here.Accurate to 1/10 of a gram!

Obviously, other bloggers are excited about its other potential uses, but I'm psyched about this because most Euro and Asian cookbooks and some vintage cookbooks measure ingredients using the metric system. It looks like it's only being sold in the UK. Don't worry we'll get it in Cookology.

Check back here, I should have these for sale on the web site shortly.



I'm looking for chefs, cookbook authors, caterers, home chefs. Please email me at maria@cookologyonline.com. We offer great compensation and a fun environment and require a commitment that you'll treat customers with respect and attention.

Chefs and restaurant owners this is a great way to advertise your restaurant, its chef, kitchen staff, menu and wine selection.

The road to open Cookology has been like a dirt road after a hurricane: almost impossible to navigate not to mention endure. But it's almost here!